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Author Julie Lawson Shares Her Views About Her Book, Warrior Principles: Harnessing The Power Of Resilience

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Author Julie Lawson Shares Her Views About Her Book, Warrior Principles: Harnessing The Power Of Resilience

October 24
17:51 2022
Author Julie Lawson Shares Her Views About Her Book, Warrior Principles: Harnessing The Power Of Resilience

Resilience is a journey, not a destination
Julie Lawson shares her insights about her recently launched book and life.

Julie Lawson, CEO of Reins Institute and author of Warrior Principles: Harnessing the Power of Resilience, has shared her thoughts about the book and life in general in an interview with the RHG Magazine. Julie is a reputed thought leader and specializes in Resilience and Emotional Intelligence.

“For more than 20 years, I witnessed, researched, and studied the characteristics that make or break us under life’s greatest pressures,” says Julie Lawson about her book’s mission. “When I realized how many of us struggle with adversity and how clear the characteristics are that we need to develop to thrive, I knew I needed to share those with others. The book provides a deep understanding of the key rules, or principles, of resilient living so they can begin building resilience in their daily lives.”

Warrior Principles: Harnessing the Power of Resilience has become a #1 International Best Seller in the US and Canada, hitting a total of 31 Best Selling Categories. The book ranks #1 in three of them.

Readers of Warrior Principles will learn about the key principles, or concepts, upon which resilient living is possible. The characteristics outlined in these principles are research-driven, proven best practices for developing our ability to face life’s adversities and solve complex problems confidently. 

Julie Lawson has always been passionate about resilience. Her career and time are dedicated to helping people face, manage, and overcome significant life obstacles. She has carried out extensive research on the subject. Julie advises how to incorporate those practices into their lives, regardless of their circumstances.

The author says resilience is possible for everyone, without exception. The struggles of people provide them with the experience needed to build a powerful life.

“You are more powerful than you can imagine and for every limit you believe is in place, you are capable of moving past with patience, planning, and imagination,” Julie added. “Don’t waste time worrying about shortsighted limits in your way. Be more dedicated to discovering your true power than what’s holding you back.”

Julie has shared three quality tips for readers of her book: 

   1. Self-awareness is the cornerstone of success. Know what motivates you, what limits you, and what you believe about what life has to offer you.

   2. Resilience is a journey, not a destination. A resilient life is built one moment, one practice, at a time. It is an achievable state of mind.

   3. Practice gratitude daily. Speak it, write it, live it. It is the path to peace and perseverance.

Julie will be launching the Warrior Principles 6-month program in January. She also has planned a podcast to highlight incredible people who have overcome remarkable odds.

The author states that the world is crazy and divisive. People must discover and honor their connection to others. She wants others to celebrate it and feel it. 

It is important to live with this kind of empathy. The author adds that empathy is one of the doorways to resilience. 

The book is available on Amazon or can be ordered from the website: https://www.warriorprinciples.com/.

For more information, visit https://www.warriorprinciples.com/.

About Julie Lawson:

Julie Lawson is the founder and CEO of Reins Institute. It is a leadership development consulting company known for customizable leadership development programming and coaching. She has trained more than 3,500 leaders and managers, emphasizing women’s leadership initiatives.

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