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Professional barber launches the world’s first blending tool on Kickstarter

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Professional barber launches the world’s first blending tool on Kickstarter

June 10
03:15 2021

Blend Frend is an innovative blending tool for short hair which helps to blend short hair into long hair in minutes and without much hassle.

A DIY haircut might not be that difficult but it’s the blending of short hair into long hair that poses a serious challenge. However, things are going to change soon and for better. A London-based professional barber Joe Marson has launched world’s first blending tool for short hair on Kickstarter which allows to instantly blend short haircuts just like a pro and that too without years of practice. Titled “Blend Frend”, the state-of-the-art haircut tool can be used by anyone looking for a smart and efficient haircut, irrespective of skill level.

“Cutting short hair at home isn’t that tough. You can easily shave the sides and back with your clippers and trim the top with scissors. But, it often becomes a herculean task to blend the sides and back into the top- especially when you are not really used to DIY haircut. One has to be extremely particular while blending short hair into long hair lest you would be left with unsightly uneven patches and a bad blend. And this process is not only time-conscious but also a tricky one. This is where our innovative Blend Frend comes to the rescue.

The star of Blend Frend is its exclusive gradient comb which is strategically designed to ensure a consistent blend with every cut, regardless of the user’s skill and experience level. 

“Blend Frend will transform you into a pro barber in no time, blending hair accurately and efficiently  just every time. It would also make your hair-cut routine more economical by reducing your salon visits.” 

Using Blend Frend is easy:

  • Cut sides and back, leaving a visible line around the head
  • Comb up the head with Blend Frend and stop precisely where the line meets the bottom part of the tool
  • Remove excess hair sprouting out above Blend Frend with trimmer
  • Keep on repeating the above two steps till you reach the perfect blend all around the head

As the back and sides are cut in several different lengths (based on the preferred short length of the user), Blend Frend comes in 3 variants to cater to various hair lengths- 3 mm, 6 mm and 10 mm.

“Blend Frend is innovatively designed to help you achieve a perfect consistent blend every time and without hassle. It’s compatible with all types of hair and any kind of barber clipper. Also, we assure you a sturdy product made with tough and durable polymer compound that won’t bend or snap if used correctly. It’s ‘the’ barber tool that we all have been waiting for. At present, we are looking forward to starting mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Blend Frend to life and make hair blending easier and faster than ever.”

Backers will be rewarded with special discounts on Blend Frend units. To show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1562857883/blend-frend-blend-like-a-pro?ref=1oz65j

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