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Clapper App Launches Brand New #Nearby Feature to Locate New Content Based on Location

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Clapper App Launches Brand New #Nearby Feature to Locate New Content Based on Location

June 07
16:56 2021
Countries where Nearby works are: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The Clapper App is the fastest growing social media platform today designed for the seventeen plus age group. Clapper’s core focus is to show users the real world around them with minimum to no editing skills required. Clapper utilizes a unique ‘equal opportunity’ algorithm to show a diverse community of people,  and its #Nearby feature is a great community building tool. 

Clapper App believes in sharing short videos and live streams rather than promoting people with huge followings. The app invites the user to experience the unfolding of the latest trends and real-life experience of individuals as well as the public.  The team at Clapper App has a mission to empower the lives of people so that they each have an opportunity to show themselves, be heard and be seen.

We are releasing a Nearby Update where creators, in our App, can create content based on their location. They can go on the Nearby tab and search for content in different countries or states. By enabling their location, they can also be found by similar creators. With every update and a new feature, we keep moving forward with this mission”, says a spokesperson for Clapper App.

The user has this incredible chance of being heard through the Clapper App. Here, by building a network of people, each person is given value by letting others reward their content through accomplishments on the app. It is one of the biggest platforms to reach an audience like never before, in an altogether new way.

Our new Nearby Feature will finally allow creators to set the location of their videos and find other people’s content in nearby places. This is an opportunity to find new friends in areas closest to you, and friends you want to get knowledge about in different communities, states or even countries”, says a spokesperson for the app, Clapper.

The Nearby feature will appear on the opening page of the Clapper app, next to Following and For You, so it’s easier to access. People’s videos will be visible based on their city or country. On the very first update, a prompt will come up to enable the location of the device. Clapper App now has a new Hashtag #Nearby. Creators can use it in their videos, as well as enabling their location, to showcase their surroundings and what they are up to.

Clapper will not automatically just show your location. You will have the chance to set it up whenever you want. It’s important to note that we will not use your exact location, only your Zip Code. We are keeping in mind everyone’s privacies and right to reveal their location. Just as you turn it on, you can turn it off on your settings”, says a spokesperson for the Clapper App.

Clapper is a US-based social media company. Even though their focus is now building the app, the goal is a creative safe creative space that serves as a platform for a diverse group of people.

For more information, please visit: https://blog.newsclapper.com

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