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What are the factors that affect the efficiency of SMT machine

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What are the factors that affect the efficiency of SMT machine

June 07
11:00 2021

Pick and place machine should not only be fast but also accurate and stable. In the actual operation process, each mount’s electronic component’s specifications are different, the speed is not the same.

For example, the accuracy of LED components is relatively low relative to the accuracy requirements of SMT components, so the speed of LED products paste is faster than that of SMT products, because the SMT patch requires higher accuracy than that of LED, and the processing speed of SMT machine equipment in domestic paste is slower, and the efficiency of paste is naturally reduced.

1. The suction nozzle of the mounting machine, on the one hand, is insufficient vacuum negative pressure. Before the suction nozzle takes the piece, it automatically converts the mechanical valve on the head of the mounting head.

On the one hand, the pressure relief of the air source circuit, such as the aging and rupture of the rubber pipe, the aging and wear of the seals and the wear of the suction nozzle after a long time of use, etc., on the other hand, the dust in the adhesive or external environment, especially the large amount of waste debris produced after the cutting off of the paper tape packaging components, causes the suction nozzle of the mounting machine to block.

2. The error on the setting of the SMT program will also reduce the efficiency of the SMT installation. The solution is that the SMT manufacturer should increase the training for customers, so that customers can get started faster.

3. The quality of the electronic components themselves, the suction nozzle picks up the electronic components and pasts them, and the pins are not completely pasted in or directly bent or broken. This situation can only be well controlled in the quality of the purchase of mount components, which will not only affect the mount work efficiency and product quality, suction nozzle often pick up mount such components, will also cause different degrees of damage, and in the course of time, will reduce the service life of the nozzle.

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