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The Kwak Brothers Enables Homeowners to Pay Off Their Mortgages within a Few Short Years

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The Kwak Brothers Enables Homeowners to Pay Off Their Mortgages within a Few Short Years

April 02
23:18 2021
People can have fully paid homes in five to seven years on average using a proven method.

Paying off a mortgage much earlier than projected is a huge relief for individuals and families who need to take care of several payments every month. It means less headache and another box checked off their list of things to worry about. And The Kwak Brothers are real estate investors that can help people become mortgage-free homeowners in no time.

The team helps homeowners pay off their mortgage in five to seven years on average using The Kwak Brothers’ special banking strategy called Accelerated Banking. Their method is presented in detail in a comprehensive explainer video, which demonstrates how a banking strategy can be used to pay off a 30-year home mortgage in just five to seven years without sending double payments or hurting one’s credit.

The traditional 30-year mortgage has major disadvantages in the current market. Even though the rates are historically low, one major setback that no one thinks about is the amount of interest that they’re paying in the span of the 30 years — especially since the vast majority of the interest is paid upfront in the amortization schedule.

Research shows that the average American moves 11.2 times in their life. If homeowners are selling their homes, moving and getting a new 30-year mortgage every seven to ten years, they’re never making it beyond the 15-year mark on their mortgage amortization schedule. The majority of the monthly payments are going toward unnecessary interest payments. Therefore, most homeowners are stuck in the first 7–10-year mark over and over again without being able to make any steep contribution to the principal paydown even though they’ve been homeowners for a very long time.

“Sure, the 30-year mortgage rates are historically low. But 30–40 years ago, most people were getting 5-, 10-, 15-year mortgages. So even with the rates in the teens, homeowners weren’t paying as much in terms of interest due to shorter amortization. But that has changed in the recent years where homeowners are moving more frequently on a longer amortization — not making any significant contributions to their principal balance,” stated a representative from The Kwak Brothers.

The Kwak Brothers’ solution offers a way for homeowners to make a significant contribution toward their mortgage payoff without refinancing, hurting their credit or loan modifications. Instead of using the traditional mortgage or sending in extra payments, the team helps individuals utilize another type of loan instrument to help them pay off the mortgage faster while still being able to have liquidity, interest savings and a safety net for emergencies. Interested homeowners can directly consult with the team if they have specific questions or clarifications.

More information can be found at https://acceleratedbanking.com.

About The Kwak Brothers

The Kwak Brothers are real estate investors, entrepreneurs and authors who are also YouTube stars and national public speakers. They have helped hundreds of people get on track to be mortgage free.

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