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The Hrant’s Ark Foundation Feeding Homeless Dogs During The COVID-19 Crisis

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The Hrant’s Ark Foundation Feeding Homeless Dogs During The COVID-19 Crisis

May 20
15:23 2020

Most companies and people who have helped so far no longer do this! Without their support, the animals will die!

Animals feel that something is wrong. They had their regular hours of walks, classes with volunteers in shelters. These homeless dogs and cats knew that someone would come and feed them … Already before their arrival, the dogs barked joyfully, they were excited. Now they are starting to get sad.

Fortunately, there are wonderful people among us who are with a whole heart devoted to those in need. They know that no matter what is currently happening in the world (Covid-19), needy dogs and cats need not only to be fed but also, they want to be hugged, and petted.

A few days ago, we met on the street the man who was feeding the homeless dogs. We stopped our car and ask who is he? He said: “Hi, my name is Hrant, Hrant Davoyan”.

We talked to him. He is a person who, in this, the most difficult time for all of us, faces adversity and saves animals abandoned and harmed by people. Now he is living in Yerevan, Armenia.

Hrant Davoyan has his hands full. Now and then he receives a phone call informing that someone has died and an old animal is left after him, somewhere a dog is kept on a short chain, somewhere else someone found small cats in the trash.

An event a few days ago: a phone call, someone is calling that a dog is lying on a busy road. You can see that he is very weak, he has problems getting up on his paws, soon he may get unhappy, he will be hit by a car.

Hrant Davoyan doesn’t think for a moment, gets in the car, and saves the pooch! He takes him to the vet and then looks after him in his own home. He already has 3 his dogs – beautiful Samoyeds (they came with him from the USA) and 2 rescued from the street in Armenia a few months earlier.

It turned out that just a 1 year ago, Hrant Davoyan left his life in Miami, Florida, and returned to his home country to help! In the USA, he has his Hran’t Ark Foundation, which it stayed is very good hands. Now he works with his foundation in Armenia.

Hrant, during coronavirus, helps not only animals but also people. He collects funds every day, but also purchases from his resources and delivers them to the neediest people.

The Hrant’s Ark Foundation was born for many years. At first, foundation lived only in dreams and plans, the founder of the foundation Mr. Hrant Davoyan, before THIS moment came.

The whole story of Hrant Davoyan helping animals dates back to the time when he was a little boy and he lived in Armenia. When he was only 5 years old, he brought the first victim dog to his home.

For many years of his childhood, he fed dogs and cats on the streets, looked after them. At the age of 18, he moved with his family to the USA, Miami.

There one day, driving down the street, he saw a homeless puppy. He stopped and took him to the car and then drove him to the vet to dress him. After talking to the vet, he thought about the animals in the Shelters. Then he began to help not only by bringing gifts, but also differently – by walking with dogs.

The beginnings were difficult. A shelter for homeless animals is a sad place, a place saturated with the harm and suffering of animals, their desperate longing for freedom, and a real home.

For many years he overcame stress and his weakness in the fight against this immense misfortune. That is why he is so sorry when someone says that he cannot become a volunteer because he is “too sensitive” …

Hrant Davoyan’s help for animals from shelters in and around Miami has slowly evolved. Starting from the walks themselves, through feeding, the struggle to improve their existence in the shelter, to the active search for homes for animals – this was the purpose of the first website he had founded and run since 2008. It is currently www.howhelp.org.

At the beginning of 2014, when many great volunteers gathered around Hrant Davoyan, he made the final decision to establish the Foundation.

And so, at the beginning of 2015, after several months of treatments, his dream moment came – officially the Hrant’s Ark Foundation was founded by a man with a big heart – Mr. Hrant Davoyan.

The name of the Foundation comes from the name of its founder and from Noah’s Ark, which was a salvation for the family of Yahweh and his animals. According to the Bible, Noah’s Ark settled in Armenia.

Since 2015, Mr. Hrant Davoyan officially under the wings of his Hrant’s Ark Foundation helps and gives his time and heart to needy animals. But truly he is doing it all his life since he was a small boy.

We need more people like Hrant Davoyan in our world!

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/ytIqdpn8kEo


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