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Anonymous Search Engine ArmoredView Takes Internet Privacy to The Next Level

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Anonymous Search Engine ArmoredView Takes Internet Privacy to The Next Level

April 20
16:34 2020
Just by adding this extension to their Google Chrome, people can enjoy uncensored browsing, protect their privacy, and avoid personal search results.

London, UK – April 20, 2020 – The internet has made people’s lives easier in many different ways. It has made the world smaller, brought information about any topic at people’s fingertips, made it possible for them to shop online, and a lot more. It’s impossible to think of a world without the internet as everybody resorts to it to have any doubts cleared. However, does this mean that the story and evolution of the internet has only been rosy and there are no cons to this?

Of course not. Every convenience comes with a flip side that cannot be ignored. While the internet and online searching has made people’s lives easier in many different ways, it has also come at a price. The sacrifice for all this convenience is that it has slowly crept into everybody’s personal lives and invaded their private spaces in a way that was never thought before. Whatever one searches on the internet, it stays there forever and can stalk the user’s IP address and search engine all the time. This means, people are unable to do a private search anymore as everything results in some repercussions.

From banner ads to random videos playing on news websites – all this is the mere tip of the iceberg of internet search. In order to help combat this evil, ArmoredView has come with a solution. ArmoredView, as the name suggests, helps one browse the internet without sacrificing their privacy. It’s the perfect answer to safeguarding internet privacyand not exposing oneself to all kinds of annoying suggestions that the internet can throw on every website a user visits.

According to ArmoredView, they never save a user’s personal information and keep everything completely discreet. ArmoredView is an anonymous search engine that is designed specifically to protect users’ privacy and avoid personal search results.

Another major benefit of this internet search engine is that it doesn’t bombard a user with annoying ads around them. The entire browsing experience can be completely soiled if someone is continuously seeing ads around a page. This can lead to lack of focus and major disruptions. ArmoredView does not store IP addresses, does not log any user information, and every day all search terms are automatically removed, this means there’s no scope for ad pop ups. Needless to say, they do not store any search history of a user.

It does not monitor a user’s activity in any way and gives accurate search results rather than most results, with a clean and unbiased page, and also uses data from Wikipedia to populate the knowledge boxes at the correct location of the results. Along with this, it also does not use third-party analytics or related services, in a way that users can ensure privacy. 

This free extension can be added to Google Chrome at just a click from their website. To add the extension, one can visit https://www.armoredview.com/

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