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Scientist at the University of London, who accurately predicted the number of COVID-19 infections in South Korea

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Scientist at the University of London, who accurately predicted the number of COVID-19 infections in South Korea

April 20
10:08 2020

Scientists accurately predicted the number of Corona viruses Infections a month ago, cases of infection prevention in South Korea. At a time when medical staff and citizens are terrified by the Corona virus worldwide, South Korea has been in the spotlight worldwide as it is extremely reducing the number of daily COVID-19 infections. The U.S. has seen the number of infected exceed 614,246 (+25,781 by 15th April)in 3 months, and South Korea has been extremely decreasing since the 10,000 number of infections. What is the difference between Korean and American for preventing infection?

South Korea updates the number of infected people and statistics the number of infected people everyday, and in fact, scientists are compiling the number of infections and distributing them to the government and citizens. Among them, a Korean data scientist correctly predicted the number of COVID-19 infections a month ago.

The data released on March 3, 2020, on SBS CNBC, a major South Korean news media, released statistics that Korea will surpass 10,096 in the first week of April. The data was predicted on March 2nd, a month ago, to 10,096 people (4th April, the first week of April) in the first week of April, and 10,156 people (4th April) predicted the figures with an error of less than 1% accurately month later.  Since 4th April, the rate of increase has been greatly reduced. The figure had a margin of error of less than 1%, and it became a big issue among various data scientists, accurately predicting the number of infected people a month ago. The forecasts for April and May reflect the increase in the rate of increase if the existing Korean government does nothing, and the current government’s efforts to significantly reduce the figures are expected to decrease faster after April than the statistics.

Edward Yeom (the University of London directed by London School of Economics), who calculated a data and predicted this statistics, said, “the number of infections has significantly decreased with the development of South Korea’s diagnostic kit after 1st week in April, the number of infected people will be drastically reduced due to efforts such as keeping social distance between the government and citizens after this 1st week in April. He said, “We will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and help governments and citizens be treated with lower numbers than the current forecast.”

Meanwhile, at the same time, as providing data on various forecast results, South Korea provides various supports to the U.S. and various countries in the U.S. and Europe through various supports. In particular, South Korea sent 600,000 COVID-19 tests to the United States on Tuesday. In the case of the United States, efforts between government and scientists, along with medical staff and scientists, will be needed to prevent infection, citing Korea’s case.

With the global growth of the Corona virus, attention is being paid to how Korea’s prevention of Corona virus infection, government strategy, and the input of scientists will result.

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