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LockMan247 Introduces A Simple Solution To Help Keep People Home And Family Safe And Secure

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LockMan247 Introduces A Simple Solution To Help Keep People Home And Family Safe And Secure

October 22
20:48 2020

Lock security is the most crucial aspect of any commercial or domestic property. Whether you are keeping your family or business safe, keeping your locks up-to-date will help.

Traditional lock devices are simple and straightforward, which means it is just as easy to break them. Most burglars use the technique of lock snapping. Lock snapping is the process of snapping a lock simply. Using the correct tools, an easy to locate segment along the lock cylinder has pressure applied to it. Once pressure has been applied; it breaks into two separate pieces.

When force is applied, the outer case will break. Breaking the outer casing will leave all the mechanisms exposed to tampering. Once this is all done in a matter of a minute, the burglar can tamper with the lock. Your lock can be tampered with using everyday household items, making it a simple process for a burglar to unlock your door.

Lockman247 supplies and fits industry-leading anti-snap locks. Their anti-snap locks are the ideal security measure for any commercial or domestic property and help minimise the chances of a burglar gaining entry.

LockMan247 Introduces A Simple Solution To Help Keep People Home And Family Safe And Secure

So what is an anti-snap lock?

This type of lock remains high security and uses specialised lock cylinders designed with the prevention of lock-snapping in mind. A snap line lies in the middle of the two cylinders; this snap line aims to prevent the breaking of the cylinder into two sections. If extreme force is applied to the inside or outside lock cylinder; the anti-snap line will break. Having the anti-snap line break prevents the centre of the cylinder breaking into two parts. The lock mechanism will remain intact, and it will prevent the burglar from breaking the lock and gaining entry into your property.

Anti-snap locks are the perfect security measure against the blowtorch technique. The blowtorch technique is where a burglar uses a blowtorch to melt the door and expose the mechanism. Once the lock barrel is appearing it could get snapped. With Lockman247’s anti-snap locks, this technique will not work due to the anti-snap line.

The Lockman team approves all the anti-snap locks that they fit.

Lockman247’s employees try and test the locks to ensure they are of high quality. If the new locking mechanism, once fitted, is the correct size and installed accordingly, these methods can not break the anti-snap locks. The team at Lockman247 are all trained and experienced, so any work they carry out will ensure that the correct one is chosen and fitted.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, many homeowners and businesses owners have used the time to improve their homes. However, not many will think about the locks that are there to keep them all safe. One uses a key to lock the door and assumes it is safe when they could still become a target. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

It would only take a trained locksmith a couple of moments to check your locks. They could explain what type of lock you have installed and what they recommend you do next to make it safer, if appropriate. It may be worth having a security check done on your home or business premises just for peace of mind.

What to look for in a local locksmith:

When you look for a local locksmith in your area, you need to guarantee they are fully qualified and insured. In the long run, this could save you money, time and more importantly, your safety. There are a lot of companies popping up every day, but remember they are not all trustworthy. Just like any other business sector, there are people out there who are solely interested in making money, so don’t be fooled.

It is always a good idea to have a look online where one can find company reviews as this is quite often a good reflection on a companies reputation. Searching on social media sites can help too. It is worth getting at least three quotes, but on comparison; please remember the cheapest company may not be the best, so it is worth researching as it will pay off in the end.

All of the locksmiths at Lockman247 have full training and insured for both commercial and domestic work. They can also carry out warrant entries with police presence.

By choosing Lockman247 for your security needs, we promise you will not regret it. The fully trained team have years of experience, carry out work swiftly and efficiently as well as offering very competitive prices in your local area.

Due to us taking your safety that little bit more seriously all of the team also wear full uniform, carry ID and will arrive in our branded Lockman247 vehicle promptly. With Covid 19 around the team will also take every precaution necessary to maintain everyone’s safety throughout.

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