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How Electric Bikes Revolutionize Kids’ Cycling

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How Electric Bikes Revolutionize Kids’ Cycling

October 21
11:41 2020

Electric bikes have been around for many years but only during the latter half of the 1990’s did they start skyrocketing in popularity, with the projected value of the e-bike industry in the US alone placed at $17.2 billion  for 2020 according to a 378 page,  July 2020, report on the Global Electric Bikes Industry. The next big thing is electric bikes for kids

A spokesperson for Epic Cycles, Barry Nisan, is excited about the electric bike revolution for younger kids, saying, “Environmental concerns have fast-tracked the development of electric bikes.  Now kids can get to school and enjoy their leisure time using safe and environmentally friendly electric bikes.” Epic Cycles is an online distributor of electric bikes, electric scooters and their parts and accessories.

It’s not surprising that the most important area of growth in market is set to involve kids, considering that these bikes are comfortable with high quality braking systems that ensure the motor will stop  when the braking limit is exceeded, allowing the rider to bring it to a safe halt. Probably the most important safety factor for kids is that the speed can be set by parents so that young children cannot go too fast and endanger themselves.

The benefits of electric bikes for kids are self-evident to any parent who has had to deal with youngsters who just can’t peddle any further on a weekend family bike ride, involving tears and frustration. Electric bikes have become ubiquitous in cities worldwide as they take the slog and sweat out of getting around. However, if a rider wants more of a workout the setting can be adjusted so more power is needed to pedal. If minimal peddling is desired the electric motor will do most of the work making longer bike rides easier.

The lightweight aluminum frames are easy for kids to handle, and the batteries may be lightweight too, depending on the type. A while e-bikes use lithium ion battery, what is important is the chemistry of the battery as this can make a difference to the weight. For dependable and reliable service from batteries that can be recharged up to 1000 times the Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries deliver, but at the cost of their weight, which is around 7.5 kg. However, if a Lithium Tri-Metal known as an NMC battery that relies on Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide is used then the weight drops to around 4 kilograms, and the number of charges will also drop to around 600.For a child this difference in weight can make longer cycle rides a pleasure, but other considerations such as the shape and size of the bike will also influence the child’s cycling experience. 

“Electric bikes for kids are set to revolutionize the way they experience cycling”, said Nisan, Epic Cycles spokesperson, who added, “They will tend to spend more time outdoors as they can cycle for longer distances with less effort, opening up more chances to explore their surroundings.”

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