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Rehab Center Urges Addicts to Consider Supervised Detox for Safer Withdrawal

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Rehab Center Urges Addicts to Consider Supervised Detox for Safer Withdrawal

October 20
11:22 2020

A rehab facility in Ontario has called on friends and family of drug and alcohol addicts to seek out supervised detox for safer withdrawal.

Addiction Rehab Toronto are concerned about the number of people who try to undertake a medical detox themselves and risking their lives in doing so.

A spokesman from the Center said that medical detox was often the most difficult part of the addiction recovery, but it was the most crucial part to get right.

“The symptoms that people will experience during detox can be severe and nasty. Some could even be life threatening. This is why we are calling for people who are seeking out help, to seriously consider a residential medical detox program.

“We have a team of qualified professionals available 24 hours a day to help our patients manage their symptoms safely. Doctors and nurses will help control the withdrawal and keep the patient safe. This might include using withdrawal medication to help ease some of the symptoms.

“It is not just about safety. When we are going through detox, the symptoms tell us that the drug is running out and we need to top up. When people experience nasty symptoms and they are managing their own detox, the easiest option is often to turn back to the drugs to make things feel better. A self-managed detox will increase the likelihood of a relapse dramatically. People who are serious about giving up the drugs or alcohol, need to seriously consider an inpatient program for at least this first part of the program.”

Some symptoms are physical and impact the functioning of the body and others are psychological and can involve having suicidal thoughts and self-harm.

Some of the physical symptoms include, muscle aches or spasms, dehydration, headaches, elevated heart rate, excessive sweating, change in appetite, difficulty sleeping, colds and infections due to a compromised immune system.

The psychological symptoms can include mood swings, physical or verbal aggression, suicidal thoughts, recklessness and lack of regard for safety of themselves and others, panic attacks, anxiety and depression.

“Everyone is different, and everyone’s detox is different. We tailor everyone’s program to suit their needs. Some people need help making simple lifestyle changes to manage the symptoms, some people need 24-hour care to deal with suicidal thoughts and dehydration.

“The results from using an inpatient rehab program mean patients are kept safe when they are experiencing physical or psychological symptoms, they are shown that they can manage their symptoms and their cravings, they realize that they can function without the drugs and they are less likely to relapse with 24/7 support from trained professionals,” he added. 

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