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Methods And Guide To Transform Nook Miles Tickets Into Animal Crossing Bells

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Methods And Guide To Transform Nook Miles Tickets Into Animal Crossing Bells

May 21
12:46 2020
Methods And Guide To Transform Nook Miles Tickets Into Animal Crossing Bells
When people want to escape the stress of real life, Animal Crossing New Horizons provides an effective method. This is a simulation game developed by Nintendo to send players to a deserted island, and then they could survive only relying on themselves.

The most fashionable way to make friends among young people is chatting, such as asking “how many bells do you sell turnips?” Or “Can I visit your island?” If I don’t have a switch in my hands to play Animal Crossing New Horizons, I can’t even find a common topic with my friends.

On the first day of coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons, you’ll receive a tent from Tom Nook without spending anything, but after that, you need to repay the loan and use Animal Crossing Bells to pay all subsequent expenses, of course, if you never want to pay for bills, it is also allowed and no one will expel you from the islands.

Similar to other games of the same type, all work is related to agriculture, weeding, fishing, planting trees, catching bugs, etc, and the difference in Animal Crossing New Horizons is that you will not have any economic pressure here, even if you are penniless and owe a lot of debt, you can still live in the island.

However, this does not mean that you can do nothing in the game, because you still like to make money to upgrade your house, invite others to visit, buy artworks, decorate your island, and so on, instead of being required to complete specific tasks as the game goals.

Nintendo added two types of virtual currency throughout Animal Crossing New Horizons, Bells and Nook Miles Tickets, the former can be obtained from various channels and pay almost all the expenses on the island, while tickets are more used to visit the mystery islands and search for methods to get more bells, accordingly, it is not as easy to obtain as bell.

Because tickets are rare, it is reasonable to convert some of the tickets you own into more bells and apply for more aspects.

Ways to make Nook Miles Tickets:

Nook Miles, you can get a Nook Miles Ticket from Nook Stop with 2000 Miles and fly to the island, where everyone is allowed to harvest resources like wood, stone, bugs to craft and make profits.

On Nook Miles islands, you are also required to complete a series of tasks with the guide of Ash Wolf. First of all, you could invite the villagers to stay with you on the islands, where you are able to find your “sister fruit” through Mystery Island Tours, if you want to bring the whole fruit tree back to your island, just eat any fruit to dig up it without having to wait for them to grow.

That is, mystery islands are divided into different types such as bamboo, fish, hybrid, trash even gold, and so on, as the names say, you could find corresponding items on each island and use the suitable aspects to make extra benefits.


Ways to make Animal Crossing Bells:

In contrast, ACNH Bells can be obtained from a wider range of sources, regardless of time or location.

You can repay the loan of your house in the early of Animal Crossing New Horizons through these methods, including farming weeds, selling crafted items, searching for the lucky money rock and gifts in the sky, receiving fruits from Mom, catching fish or bugs, planting a money tree and shaking, all of these will not occupy you too much time, because there is no hard work in New Horizons, but it does bring a lot of Animal Crossing Bells to starters, letting you use it in the next game.

And then, as you dive into the game, you could keep trying the general tips to make money, sell hot items, manage your inventory for more profits, keep digging, keep your fruits, save bells in an account, etc.

Anyway, money is more easily obtained in New Horizons compared with other games of the same type in various ways.

We already know that players need to keep more focus on Nook Miles Tickets than bells, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do both at the same time, or you can effectively convert Nook Miles into Bells.

When coming to the deserted island, Tom Nook will give you a free Nook Miles Ticket, you should save it until you are past the starting period to land mystery islands, where you could plant trees,  getting a tree branch valued 100 bells.

Once you reach the islands with Nook Miles Tickets, you can always make money, but how to save and manage them is also very important. When you have a large amount of bells in your inventory, you could save them in an account, you’ll get a bit of interest every now and then.

If you have trouble gathering up bells or Nook Miles, be sure to visit Animal Crossing Bells page from a personal site to make the game easier for you.

Alternatively, you can also buy Nook Miles Tickets directly from some reliable stores, this is a nice solution to avoid your duplicate work.

You are recommended to visit IGGM.com, it will not only sell the virtual currency and Animal Crossing Items, but also provide various guide and strategies for free. If you keep focus on the site for a long time, you’ll make huge progress in the game.

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